Safety First: Tips for Fire Precautions

You don’t want to jump from the 5th floor of a building for you to get out from that burning structure. Fire accidents could happen anytime, it is inevitable. However, to think for everyone’s protection through following the basic fire safety is a clever step that could save a lot of people.

Fire safety is very essential; in the building industry, there is a rule wherein reliable fire doors should be installed in every edifice. And, more than anything else it is very important to learn and follow the basic but necessary steps to have a safety environment.

Important Tips to Prevent fire

  • During the Structure Construction

As part of making places safe because of fire existence, the first step should be done is to prepare the building for fire precautions. These preparations include the installation of the necessary tools for fire safety.

One of which is the installation of a fire door. It is designed to protect people from smoke and fire. Hence, it is necessary for a building to have this.

Other than this, there should be a smoke detector set up in every room or part of the structure. This will help the people know about the case, and they’ll have time to think of what to do. Also, a fire extinguisher should be placed at every part of the building.

Make sure that all electric wirings are correctly installed. Undoubtedly, most of the time; the reason why fire incidents happen is because of faulty cablings.

And, as for the fire exit, which should also be stationed to its proper place; it should be easy to access. This can be assured during the designing of the place by the engineers.

Most importantly, the said items above should be maintained by asking experts to inspect them whenever needed.

  • More Safety Tips

Home is a place that is treasured, so safety measure should be done without thinking twice. One’s family is imperative than anyone else. With that, let’s talk about what should be done to prevent fire cases.

For those who smoke, never do it when you are in bed or anywhere inside the house, especially if you are sleepy. There will be a possibility that you’ll forget to put out the cigarette which may cause a fire.

Sometimes we cannot avoid storing lighters or matches in our house, appropriately, this stuff should be kept away from children’s reach. You’ll never know what will transpire.

Also, don’t leave the stove unattended when you are cooking. This could cause a huge disaster by creating a big fire.

For the offices, always conduct fire drills so that people inside will know what to do.

  • When there is Actual Fire

When there is fire, surely, you’ll feel blazing and smoky surroundings; just stay calm and think properly. If the flame is minor, get the fire extinguisher and stop it. However, if you think that it is a big fire, stay away from it and directly call the emergency hotline.

Amazingly, the flame will not kill you. It is the smoke which will slowly get into your body until it reaches your lungs. Therefore, you need to avoid the smoke through crawling on the floor since most of them will stay near the ceiling or stay at the upper part. Plus, crawl as fast as you can to go out of the burning area.

Additionally, use all the necessary fire tools inside the structure. If you cannot find the fire exit, then go find the areas where there are best fire doors. You’ll be protected there.


Always remember that safety of every individual should be prioritized at all times. So, follow the drill and keep safe!

The Purposes of a Fire door

This article enumerates the main purposes of a fire door like being an easy exit out a building, and a barrier for fire not to spread in a building.

When a fire happens in your building, there should only be one thing on your mind—escape. That’s why it’s so important that your building is equipped with the proper means for safe evacuation in the event of a fire. Fire doors are just what you need to ensure the safe evacuation of residents or occupants in a building. One of the best investments you can make in terms of safety in a fire is fire doors.

So, what exactly is the purpose of a fire door? A fire door has two uses. Initially, when a fire starts, the fire door can serve as an easy exit out of the building. However, as a fire progresses, one should go through the proper escape route out of the building, so that the fire door remains shut.

A fire door can also serve to protect important files, documents, and things in a building. The fire door rating of a fire door indicates the number of minutes it can withstand the heat before it breaks down. If you have an FD-60 fire door, for example, you have one hour to escape the building or evacuate all the important documents in a room before the fire breaks down the fire door and consumes the other room.

A fire door serves to compartmentalise rooms in a building. Some rooms are more fire prone than others, like a kitchen or a laboratory.

It is important to make adjustments of a fire door for wheelchair users. Proper width, visibility, etc., should be observed. A good company that specializes with fire doors should be well-aware of building regulations. Fire door maintenance companies also can make the proper adjustments for you in the case that your fire door doesn’t comply with Australian building standards.

One other important purpose of a fire door is to prevent the spread of smoke in a building for a certain number of minutes. Usually, smoke is even a bigger threat to life than fire. The carbon monoxide from the smoke is extremely toxic. Even a low amount of smoke inhalation is fatal. This places great importance to intumescent seals that close gaps from door leafs to door frames in a fire door. This is to prevent smoke from leaking through the spaces around the installed fire door.

How Fire Doors Can Save Your Lives

Let’s face it­—accidents can happen anytime and it is best that we prepare for it. We will never know when it happens right? So it is best that we make ourselves prepared the whole time. What accidents should we be prepared of? Actually, there are many however, one of the most common accident, a dangerous and life-threatening case, is fire.

It is indeed frightening but it is highly preventable given that we are equipped with the right knowledge regarding the matter. This is what this article is about—to inform you the importance of having reliable fire doors.

Why do we need such thing? Isn’t an extinguisher safe enough?

Fire extinguishers are good for small fires—it is best used in the early stages of fire. We can see them in buildings, schools and the like. What if the fire happens at a time where people are sound asleep? What can we do to prevent them? Of course we need something fire proof and that’s when Fire Doors come in handy.

Actually, fire doors are just like any other door. You can enter and exit—anyone can picture this out now—but the difference of the use is that when a fire happens—this is when this useful door does its job. Owning fire proof doors can save lives. Why is that? The answer is pretty easy. This door is practically a fire resistant door which acts as a passive fire protector by significantly minimizing the spreading of fire or smoke from one place to another. Now you get the main idea.

Fire is never predictable. Regrettably, many people have lost their lives and homes due to fire. It is sad to know that some buildings do not even have this kind of door. These doors must be present in flats, office buildings, hotels, factories, and other similar establishments especially the ones very prone to fire. Having these doors installed in your establishment can definitely reduce your risk of extended danger a fire can bring.

It is best that one should invest his money on these doors to assure the safety of the people in the building. We cannot afford injury or even death just because we have neglected simple safety standards. Let us all be practical and prudent. It is best that we always put safety on top and we can start buy having these doors installed in our establishments. By having these fire doors, we are assured that we are more protected and the feeling of safety is always nice. Having to sleep peacefully at night knowing you have well followed a very important safety measure.

Let us all be safe and protected. Remember, prevention is always better than cure—as the saying goes. So let us prevent a horrible accident such as fire from extending damages to buildings by having / owning these doors. For sure, it won’t hurt to walk with the safe side—no one wants to be sorry when things can’t be undone.

Basic Fire Door Compliance Know-How

This article enumerates the steps a building owner should take to comply with fire door standards under the Australian Building Code.

So you had fire doors installed? The question is, are they compliant to building standards in Gold Coast. As part of fire door laws and regulations, inspections should be done regularly, depending on the kind of building you own. For most industrial and commercial buildings, inspection and maintenance should be done every 6 months. As for private properties, inspections should be done yearly. When you hire a competent fire door maintenance company, they can make things easier for you.


If you take a quick look at your fire door and see that it has fallen apart due to constant usage or the passage of time, then maybe it’s time to get them checked. A non-compliant fire door can be detrimental to your safety and the safety of the occupants in a building. Even a small defect in a fire door could affect its ability to safeguard you from a fire.A small hole or a gap in the seals could allow the passage of fire and smoke through that spaceand put your life at risk.

Here are some of the basic steps you should take to comply with fire door standards.

  • Check your fire door tags

The tags on your fire doors show the manufacturer, fire rating, certifier, applicant, and the year it was installed. If the tag is missing on a newly-installed fire door, you can call the company you hired to install them and ask for a re-certification. If that doesn’t work out, you will have no choice but to replace the fire door, and sometimes even the hardware.

  • Do not install deadbolts to your fire doors

Doing so will render your fire door non-compliant to the Australian Building Code. Deadbolts invalidate the use of a fire door as self-latching. However, some deadbolts can be removed, as well as some other hardware that performs a similar function. What’s important is that the hardware will be approved by a certified inspector.

  • Make sure your fire doors don’t have excessive gaps

According to the Australian Building Code, there is a strict clearance limit on gaps. If it exceeds the limit, then it is deemed to be non-compliant. The replacement of the seals to upgraded seals can bring it to the standard mandated by AS 1851-2005.

  • Make sure you have the right signage

The Australian Building Code states that all fire doors that go to a corridor or stairwell must have the right signage permanently fitted on the door “Fire door Do Not Obstruct” and “Do Not Keep Open.” Additionally, fire doors that form a final exit must have signs on both sides of the fire door.

  • Check for asbestos in your fire doors

Old fire doors tend to build up asbestos over time. Asbestos is toxic to people, and is the culprit to many diseases including lung cancer. However, sometimes, it’s not necessary to replace some fire doors with asbestos, provided that they are still in strong condition and functioning correctly. If you feel the fire doors are run-down, then it is best to have them replaced, especially when it has defective hardware, or when the compliance tag is missing.

To be completely at ease, contact a licensed and trusted company to check your fire doors.

Fire Door Rating – Why Consider These?

There’s no denying the reality that you need fire doors to run your business or live freely. With right rating on your side, you can work at peace knowing that you’re safe.

Let’s be straight about this, you need fire doors.

Right, so what’s next?

Installing fire doors will be smartest move you’ll ever make both in your home and in your office. You should be a person who will care for everyone’s safety both in and out of your building. That’s the reason why having these fixtures installed in your premises should be the top priority. Surely, you’ll have a lot of options when it comes to fire doors but it’s equally important to look for the right one that you really, really need. For example, you don’t just pick one of these doors just like the tissue rolls that you get when you’re in a grocery store. You have to stop and think if it’s with the right quality and has the right fire door rating for your infrastructure.

You may not be an engineer or a fire expert which is why you might develop a certain dilemma with regards to these choices. Imagine wasting your time discerning over these fixture when you have lots of paper works to do. Well, being concerned with the safety of your people and property isn’t actually a waste of time. Therefore, choosing fire doors shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re still wondering why you should consider these thoughts, here are some pointers.

Fire Resistant Door

People’s safety

Fire doors with the right fire door rating will be beneficial in terms of safety of your employees as well as the safety of your customers who are going in and out of your shop or building. Keeping them safe against sudden fire outbreaks really is important.  These are the only fixtures that will stand between you and your life once these ruthless flames start to devour everything on its path.

Fire doors will act as barrier to slow the fire outbreak down and eventually stop it from spreading to other rooms. Though it’s not for eternity, it will give some ample amount of time until fire rescue arrives. Moreover, with the help of the right fire door rating, the people who might be left inside the building will be safe from suffocation of smoke and they will be able to run for safety without the danger of having injuries.

Property’s safety

Equally important matters that are protected by fire doors would be your properties. Papers and other documents are important in terms of running your business so it’s equally important to keep them safe especially against fire outbreaks. Fire doors with the right fire door rating can make this desire successful.  Just like what was explained above, fires can be prevented from reaching your most important properties thus lessening the burdens that you might face upon reconstruction or repair of your shop.

You can also save a lot of money from protecting your properties. With the help of these sturdy fixtures, your assets and important items will be free from being roasted by fire which means that you won’t have to buy them again.

Invest on fire doors now. You’ll never know when fires would break out. It’s better to be prepared than be sorry later. More than just the door; learn more about the importance of the right fire door rating as well.

Fire Rated Doors – The Works They Do

Fire doors can do more than just protection. It can save lives and it can make you save money. But how do these fire doors work? Let’s find out.

When fires occur, fire rated doors will automatically go into action. Not that they would be removed from where they’re installed but they would be a great stronghold against the blazing flames. They will act as a strong barrier that would prevent fire and smoke from spreading insider the building. This means that through fire doors, people can easily escape and go to safety. These doors are usually installed in commercial establishments as required by the law. Australian government is very adamant about its regulations on these matters which is why a strict compliance is needed for protection against accidental fires.

Fire Rated Doors

A certain commercial establishment is required to install fire doors during the construction phase. Fire door inspectors are mandated to go about and check if business or building owners are following the requirements that are set by the governing body with regards to the proper installation and location of these fixtures. Those who are found to be non-compliant might be denied of their certification and will not be able to operate. It’s a hard one for the business owners but it’s for the safety of everyone so there is every reason why you need fire rated doors installed.

The question is, what’s with the fire rated doors? Simply put, fire doors aren’t just installed wherever the owner wants it placed. Also, you just can’t purchase a fire door without considering its rating. Fire door rating simply refers to the amount of time in which these doors can hold of flames and smoke during a fire outbreak. For example, an FD-90 rating means that a certain fire door can withstand the force and heat of the fire for an hour and a half while FD-30 fire rated doors can stand for about 30 minutes.

Fire door ratings are based on the kind of materials these doors were made of. After being tested in their manufacturer’s factory, these doors are graded by their quality and the amount of time they can stand against strong forces particularly fire. This will now become their classification. It’s pretty essential for the business or building owner to enquire for the right rating for this building. For this, he might have to hire a fire door expert to assess and recommend the proper fire door for his building.

The good news about this is that there are certain fire door installation companies and distributors that are authorised by the Australian government to do inspections and answer the needs of a certain infrastructure. This means that the business owner doesn’t have to call on different companies just for fire doors.

Bearing this in mind, it’s highly essential to really look for companies that do all the work. They should be able to assess, inspect, recommend and at the same time install the fire rated doors. It’s the only way everything will be put to place. Safety will be assured if you follow what’s required  by the authority as it has been studied, proven and revised all so that you could have peace in mind working in your place. That’s how it all works.

Using A Fire Door: The Regulations

Using fire doors isn’t that easy. There are certain regulations that you have to follow. It’s not for anything else but proper installation of these doors can bring about safety a few times more effective.

Are you able to recognise a fire door when you see one? There are many individuals who may have already seen this door but are still unaware that these doors can provide an important and crucial function in keeping people safe from the sudden rapid spreading of fire inside a building. The spreading rate can sometimes be faster depending on the materials used in construction of the structure. If they are for instance made of wood and if they are not so thick, the combustion is easily reached. However, if the fire doors are given the right and proper maintenance will guarantee that they will be functioning properly when a fire accident happens.

These specialised doors are given their own specific fire ratings and only licensed people or companies are allowed to have them installed and certified. For your convenience, here are the key points to make sure that fire doors are properly installed:

  • Fire door frames should be installed in accordance to the proven sample requirements. Any material that is not fire-proof should not be included in the whole door set. Should the inspectors find out that some components like the frames do not qualify as fire-rated materials, replacement of the correct door set will be highly recommended.
  • The space between the door and head frame should not be more than 3mm. This includes the stiles as well. In terms of the finished floor level, the standard clearance from the bottom of the door to the floor level must not be more than 10mm but it would be safer to refer this to the fire door maintenance expert before proceeding with the installation.
  • Additionally, every kind of hardware that can be found on the door such as the closers and locks should have to be accepted as fire-resistant. There are qualified representatives that can confirm the quality of the hardware so that when fire happens, the blocking of flames, heat and smoke would be made possible.
  • All the edges can be trimmed at 6mm maximum. But then again, if more trimming is needed, it is suggested that a custom-sized door be ordered from a licensed supplier.
  • The doors must be hung appropriately so that those with reinforcing plates can fit with hinges, door closer and the locks. The top hinge tile should have a stamped label that would indicate that it is a top hinge and it will also bear the rating of the door.
  • There are self-tapping screws that can fix the closer and the hinges against the door leaf. You can utilise a 35mm x 4.91mm or a 10 gauge self-tapping screw. Additionally, you need to create a 4mm pilot hole for the screws to fasten to and the knob handles should have a 127mm minimum back set.

Failure to conform to the prescribed requirements will eventually result to a non-compliant rating for the door which would mean that the certification cannot be issued for the door making its warranty invalid. To avoid this from happening, it is recommended to meet the terms with the regulations for reliable fire doors.

Fire Proof Doors: Things You Need To Know!

Fire proof doors are designed for one thing, protection. You aren’t safe without these fixtures. For this, you need to know certain information. Increase your knowledge and be safer now.

Any property owner would be scared by just thinking of their home being ravaged by fire. That is because it is that not easy to earn money in order to build another house in the event that a fire has shattered a big residence. Everything will be lost, that would include possessions and special keepsakes or worse, an unlucky family member could get trapped in the fire. Older people and children are really helpless if there is nobody to rescue them from a house fire immediately. Given this situation, it would be wise to utilise fire proof doors as a preventive measure just in case the house catches fire.

Fire Exit Doors

These days, it is relatively easy to make the house safer. Fire alarms, fire blankets, fire extinguishers and fire exit doors are already available wherein people can pass through to evade a blazing inferno. Fire-proofing is one of the most brilliant ways to have your homes preserved. By installing a fire proof door, it can control smoke and the rapid spreading of fire. It is relatively easy and possible to have your regular doors with fire-proof doors and on top that, you can even upgrade your house’s interiors with fire-resistant walls and ceilings to work well with the fire doors.

Fire rated interiors are technically made of high-quality chip boards and are then covered with fireproof resin to make it withstand 30 minutes of fire at the minimum. On top of that, there are also doors which can stay longer such as 60 minutes to 120 minutes which is just enough to permit inhabitants to make an escape. After those indicated period of time, they are bound to give way to the intense heat.

Make inquiries with a fire exit door supplier if they custom build fire doors that match your door jamb to make it look like nothing have changed. Upon the installation process, you can do it personally but if you wish avoid errors because you do not have sufficient knowledge and experience in doing it, you may request for the supplier to have them installed. Australia for instance has its own fire requirements to make sure that the fire doors meet the quality being imposed by the Building Code of Australia. A door that is compliant to these codes and requirements offers true fortification and that the money spent will be worth it when worse things happen.

A fire exit door is made to compartmentalize the other parts of the house so that when a fire happens, it will be easy to remove people or properties to a much safer location. This is because the door will act both as a fire barrier which prevents the penetration of smoke and at the same time, it serves as a safe passage of people and things from the house.

Fire proof doors are at the same suitable for use in garages and entrances but as much as possible, they should be found in central areas inside a building. Fire doors with high ratings offer protection from fire hazard, giving you a complete peace of mind knowing that your house is totally safe from fires.

Fire Door Maintenance: The Secret Tips Revealed

Fire doors are to be maintained properly and timely to ensure protection. You can have these doors installed but without proper maintenance, you can’t guarantee your survival during fire outbreaks.

If you are either working or residing in a building that has the best fire doors, then pretty much you are in good hands in the event that fires occur. This is because fire doors have been considered to be both a barrier against fire and at the same time, it provides safe passage for people to evacuate to safety until such time fire rescue arrives.

As you may be already aware, fire doors are made from strong materials and are specifically built to withstand the extreme heat caused by fire for a certain period of time. As long as the components are intact and are in good condition, the fire doors are expected to perform its task without the risk of compromising its purpose.

But if these doors are not kept in good condition, you and everybody else on the building will become vulnerable. That is why fire door maintenance should be one of your top priorities as the safety of everybody is at stake. Working with the fire door maintenance team is highly advisable. You should be able to know what they are doing so that from time to time, you can inspect the condition of the fire doors.

Fire Doors

Here are the things that you can do:

  • Fire doors should be regularly checked by qualified technicians at least twice a year. So make sure you mark your calendars about that so that you will not forget and at the same time you could prepare a budget for it as it may come with unexpected expenses.
  • If you noticed that there are certain parts that are either missing or not in condition, do not wait for the scheduled fire door maintenance. Call the experts right away to have it fixed right away as fires can happen anytime. If you noticed that the fire doors are not in good condition and just let it be, then you will be putting everybody’s life in jeopardy.
  • If the technicians advise you to replace the parts or even the whole door itself, do it right away. Follow their instructions as they are the best people who know the condition of the fire doors well. Do not take their advice for granted but instead, follow them.
  • Expect that there may be some expenses that may be involved so you’d better be prepared financially. While it is true that maintaining a fire door can be costly, it is costlier if you have people inside the building that died because of the fire as they were not protected by the fire doors.

Having fire doors is one thing but making sure that it is in condition and well-maintained is another. It is your responsibility as the owner of the building that these doors should have a regular maintenance so that its integrity is guaranteed. So start looking for professional experts that are trained and licensed to perform the fire door’s maintenance because in doing so, you and the people inside the building is fire safe. Call them today and make it happen.

Securing True Safety Through Fire Door Maintenance

Fire doors are needed yes and very important to our infrastructures. The problem is that if these doors aren’t maintained carefully, they are worth nothing and you’ll still endanger your place for such catastrophes.

Fires have been considered as both friend and for human beings in the sense that it is very useful in lots of things especially in terms of cooking food, providing comfort during cold seasons and at the same time it also provides energy. But in just a split second, fires can be out of control and thus can cause severe damage to both lives and properties.


News gathered and documented all over the globe has given us an overview of how devastating fires can be so  it is recommended that careful measures and steps have to be taken when dealing with fires. Fires can start anytime from various factors such as faulty electrical wiring, overheating of appliances that were left unused or even fires that were not controlled in the kitchen. Fires can be very dangerous once it picks up its momentum-especially in secluded areas such as buildings and homes. Once fire starts inside these premises, it is very hard to escape and most of the time people can get hurt pretty badly.

That is why governing bodies have suggested that buildings should install fire prevention mechanisms such as sprinklers, extinguishers, fire exits and most especially fire doors. Good quality Fire doors have been proven to be useful and have saved many lives over the last years. Fire doors are especially designed to work two ways- a barricade against the fire and at the same time a safe passageway for people to evacuate so safety.

These doors are made with sturdy materials and are coated with special substances that make them fire proof. They are also classified according to different ratings. These ratings determine how long these doors can last for certain amount of time. These doors can do their job well if they regularly undergo fire door maintenance. As fires cannot be predicted, it is advisable that they are kept in good condition at all times and that can be done with proper care and maintenance.  Getting in touch with the maintenance people is highly encouraged. For you to be aware of what they will do here are the things that they will check when conducting a maintenance run.

  • They will check the surface of the door and the frame. They will make sure that there are no open holes or breaks on the surfaces because if there are any, the fire doors can be very vulnerable. The fact is that fires will need only a small crack to be able to penetrate.
  • They will make sure that the vision light frames are intact. They should all be in place and accurately fastened.
  • The frame and the door hinges should be secured and aligned. If these things are not secured enough, it can result to a fatal disaster. As fire doors are not expected to last for a long period of time, they can be very vulnerable to the fire and as mentioned above, any weakness on the doors can mean disaster.

These are just some of the things that a reliable fire door maintenance team will do.