The Fundamentals of Building Restoration

Home restoration can be a very rewarding career. The process involved with home restoration can be simplified using art with science. Thanks to technology, new techniques and methods have been devised which makes the work a tad easier than before. In addition, these new procedures give long lasting effects to the houses and buildings. Creating something is not as difficult as it would seem compared to several years ago. This is because today, the materials that we have were non-existent before.

Fire Exit Doors

As time passes, houses and building are not the same compared to when they were built. Thus, restoration becomes necessary, especially when the state of the structure is in shambles or the art is no longer fitting to the current times. However, restoration of heritage buildings is different.

Most people think it’s the same. Nevertheless, the concept behind the restoration of a heritage building is that the historic structure and decorations are preserved. When doing a heritage restoration, keep in mind the historical period it depicts and the time when it was made so that they can be preserved. Therefore, restoration for old historic buildings like churches and forts is quite challenging. Moreover, since some old structures or furnishings will be preserved, there is a high risk for fires.

It’s necessary to contact a company for fire doors in Gold Coast to advise you how many of such you will need in your restoration project. Old materials are more susceptible to fires, and there’s no way of discounting their flammability until an actual fire breaks out. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. Thus, it’s best to contact experts who can provide you with the right fire door specifications to ensure the safety of your project.

With building or house restoration, old materials that have been used are reprocessed and reused or materials like the old ones are utilised. The inside and outside of the building are painted. Before starting the process of restoration, the use of non-original paints is applied. However, the colours encounter the same problem as time passes by. Pollution, sun, and acid rain damages the paint; leading to the fading away of the layers making up the structures.

Natural wear and tear over the years could make these paints flammable, which is why it’s best to check the fire door rating applicable for such a restoration project. Fire doors in Gold Coast are easy to find, but finding the right rating for a building or home that’s being restored is crucial. Apparently, fire door rating determines how long the fire door can keep the fire contained in a particular room to keep it from spreading to other parts of the structure. Hence, consulting with the experts is highly recommended to ensure you’re on the safe side.

Building restoration includes masonry, flooring, cleaning, historic preservation, residential and structural repairs, roofing, waterproofing, water intrusion, and the likes. It also involves ensuring that the risk of fire is reduced, if not completely eliminated, seeing as how materials older than your ancestors are used in the project. If you think you can carry out the above-mentioned skills, then this career path is for you. If you get the opportunity to take part in a building restoration, be honoured since not many people get the chance to take part in preserving their heritage structures.

De-clutter Your Home but Ensure Fire Safety

This article shares tips on how to de-clutter your home with a fire-resistant shed.

If your house is small and you are starting to have problems with clutter, then it is time for you to consider building a big storage room in your back or front yard. This will help keep your home organised and free from clutter and mess.

Fire Doors

Whether you are planning to build a greenhouse for your plants, a storage space for small vehicles and pieces of equipment, or a playroom for your kids, you will need a lot of planning and preparation to make sure your project turns out successful. Moreover, you also need to take the safety of everyone, even other parts of your property, into consideration, which is why including the best fire proof door in the plan is advisable.

When building a storage room, you have two options: buy pre-built materials or work on your project from scratch. The disadvantage of working with pre-built materials is that you will be the one to adjust to the requirements of the building. If the size of the materials is not enough to accommodate a fire exit door, then you could be in big trouble. In addition, while they come in different designs, they are more expensive and won’t allow for creativity since all you need to do is assemble the kit.

If you consider working on your project from the ground up, though, you will have complete freedom with the size, design, and materials you want to use for your building. Your project will also turn out to be a lot cheaper compared to working with ready-to-assemble kits. Obviously, you will need to get your hands on the best large storage shed plans before working on your project to make sure you end up with a high-quality storage. The downside to this is you might not be able to fit fire proof doors into your plan since you’re not knowledgeable enough about the proper placement of such.

The reason why you need to have a blueprint for your project first before working is that the blueprint contains all the information you need for your storage. In the blueprint, you will find out what materials, tools, and equipment you should prepare before constructing your building. One of the best places to look for high-quality DIY blueprints is the Internet. Search on the different blueprints available online and find the one you think will be perfect for your home improvement project.

Nevertheless, perhaps your best option will be to hire an expert builder to help you with your shed project. An expert will know what size is good enough to fit a fire proof door. More importantly, he will know where to place it or if there’s a need for more fire proof doors (this is usually the case if the shed is somehow connected to a part of the main house or garage).

An expert builder knows that containing fire in its place of origin is important to prevent it from spreading elsewhere and causing much damage. So, if you think you’d be better off hiring an expert, do so by all means. It may be the costly choice, but think of the money you will save in case a fire breaks out.

No matter how big the storage you are planning to build is, you will be able to successfully complete your task if you have high-quality large shed plans in your possession. Do your homework and search online for the top websites that offer these materials and you will surely end up constructing a fully-functional storage room for your home.

Fire Safety When Building a Garden Shed

Garden sheds are an important fixture in your property, especially if you’re someone who has a thing for gardens. However, you can’t just go on with your shed building project without having solid garden shed plans. Having one will make your work more organized. There are plenty of plans that you can find on the web for free, so unless you don’t mind paying for one, you have to find them.

Moreover, starting a garden shed project would be futile if you don’t have a solid plan in place concerning the use of fire doors. Keep in mind that a garden shed is home to various chemicals used for gardening, and in some cases, there could be various flammable materials stored inside it. Hence, the use of a fire door is crucial if you want to reduce the risk of fire

There are several aspects that you need to bear in mind if you are still on the planning stage of the project. You need to know the reason why you’re building it. Is it necessary to have one at home? If the answer is yes, then you can proceed to the next aspect.

The space of your yard is an important consideration. This will help determine the size of the shed that you can put up. So, before you find the right plan, you need to look at the available space in your yard and assess whether it can still make another room for a 6X6 shed or not. You need to determine the spot where you will build it. Are you planning to have it on the right side of your house or you want it hidden at the backyard? Will it somehow be connected to your home or garage? In that case, you need fire resistant doors to separate the two structures for safety.

The style or design of the shed is also another thing. There are different themes that you can pick online. You can opt for gable roof sheds or have something that you can really customise. This is an important thing to consider before you get any shed plans on or offline. It would also be best to look for garden shed plans that include the use of fire doors, so you wouldn’t have any problem placing them strategically.

Who will build the project is another thing that you should look at. Do you plan on constructing it alone? There are a lot of DIY steps that can be found online, so building one isn’t going to be a big problem. However, getting the services of an expert is always a better option, especially if you have money. You get to save time and effort. More importantly, an expert garden shed builder will be able to explain to you why using a fire door is imperative when constructing a shed.

The last thing you want is for your hard-earned money to go up in flames literally. Think about it; should a fire breaks out in the shed, the fire resistant doors you will install in it will keep the fire contained inside until such time that firefighters come to keep things under control. There’s no way for the fire to spread to other parts of your property if you have fire doors installed.

You need to look at all these things before you start building your shed because they are crucial to make your shed-building project a worthwhile activity.

Why Are Fire Rated Doors Crucial for Fire Protection

Did you know that in most countries, the installation of fire doors is mandated by law? Both residential and commercial buildings must comply with the legal requirement before they are given permits to operate. An inspector will be sent in to check on the fire doors installed in the new buildings, and if found to be violating the mandate, the structures will be given a non-compliant status concerning passive fire protection. Thus, the residential and commercial buildings will not be allowed to do business.

Can you imagine what could happen if buildings didn’t have good fire rated doors? Supposing it takes a while for firefighters to reach the burning structure, then there’s a big chance that the smoke and flames will go out of control. It will then be hard for the people trapped inside to get out and save themselves. Worse, without fire doors, smoke will easily spread, increasing the risk of death by asphyxiation.

Per reports made after fire incidents, most fire-related deaths are due to heavy smoke inhalation. That means even if the flames haven’t consumed a burning building yet, people inside can already lose consciousness by inhaling too much smoke. A fire proof door can prevent that from happening, since it is made in such a way that smoke (and even fire) is prevented from spreading.

Building code regulations attribute much importance to the installation of a fire rated door since it’s practically the start of fire protection. In the worst cases where firefighters and other rescuers don’t get to a burning building on time, a fire proof door will make it possible for the people inside the building to escape. The fire proof door will serve as a protective barrier so that smoke, heat, and flame will not engulf the people who are trying to get out.

Without fire doors, fire can spread everywhere in a matter of minutes, thereby claiming lives and putting to waste other assets inside a building. On the contrary, if the structure has fire rated doors that are sturdy enough to withstand the heat from the fire, the flames are contained to a certain area, giving rescuers ample time to save everyone who might be trapped in the building. Moreover, keeping the fire contained makes it easier for firefighters to control the fire.

Another noteworthy thing about a fire rated door is that it is especially designed for use along with fire sprinklers and extinguishers. Hence, when it is installed in a building, it comes with all other peripherals. In fact, in some cases, a fire proof door is installed with a fire alarm system, so that when the alarm sets off, the door will automatically close. You can just imagine how much a building owner can save in terms of assets with a fire proof door.

Fire rated doors are likewise crucial for warehouses. Typically, warehouses store products, machinery, and important documents. It goes without saying that there could be people inside, too. With fire doors, all these are protected in case a fire breaks out.

So, if you’re planning to have a building constructed, make sure that it is compliant for passive fire protection. You can do so by calling in the experts to inspect the place and make the necessary recommendations as to what type of fire rated door you should install. Installing fire doors is not an option but a legal requirement that you, as the building owner/manager, need to adhere to.

Install Fire Doors Now

Home is where your heart is as they say. But home is also where your loved ones lived in like your children and your spouse. It is where everybody in your family feels safe and that means keeping all harms and dangers at bay, away from our loved ones. When it comes to the safe needs of everyone at home, we don not want to compromise. This is the main reason why people are taking fire precautions at home very seriously. Fire can cause a lot of damage ranging from lives and property. Extra measures are needed like procuring fire extinguishers and installing smoke alarms and reliable fire doors on the house. Fire doors play significant roles in our lives and here are some of the excellent reasons why you have to install them at your home.

  1.  Prevent injury and any loss of loved ones. Fire is still one of the leading causes of death around the world if we talk home accidents. At home the main cause of fire is cooking and of course fire is likely to start at the kitchen, followed by fire caused by electrical devices left unattended. Once a fire breaks out it will only take 30 seconds for it to spread and 3 to 5 minutes for it to become out of control. Fire can happen in the most unexpected time and can cause hysteria to all the people in your house. If a fire door is not installed nothing can reduce the spread of fire and smoke around the house. Chances are, smoke inhalation will cause severe problems and the meat becomes unbearable that could in danger the life of your loved. Serious injuries like skin burns can also be one of the harms of fire. But if you have a fire door, for sure you will have enough time to escape the perils of fire and get the help you needed.
  1.  Minimize property damage. You have invested so much on your property and surely you don’t want fire to turn all the things you have worked for in ashes. Since the main function of fire doors is reducing the spread of fire and containing it on one compartment for up to 4 hours depending on the fire rating this could help save your investments. Make sure to strategically install fire doors in an area of your house that is susceptible to fire. In this way you have the chance to salvage the important things you have inside your home.
  1.  Provides peace of mind. There is nothing like being able to sleep safe and sound at night or live your daily lives in peace without feeling the stress of always thinking of what you have to do when a fire breaks out. When you have fire doors installed around your house you have this feeling that no matter is going to happen on one area of your house you have a fire door that will help all of you be saved and will give you enough time to escape.

The government of Australia has already made it a compulsory for home and business owners to install fire doors are their premises. They must also be maintained at 6 to 12 months, depending on the door classification. So what are you waiting for? Install a fire door now and save yourself and your family from danger.

Common Causes of Home Fire

Fire is one of the leading causes of death around the world. It can happen anywhere at any time. When a fire start it can only take few seconds to spread and few minutes before it can get out of control. Chances are, there may not be any way for the people involve to escape. Fire can be prevented at any case possible. Proper planning is the key to prevent fires from happening whether at home or at work. At home, everyone must know what are the most common causes of fire. This is to make sure that no one is going to get hurt and accidents will not happen.

Everyone loves the kitchen, but did you know that based on studies this place at home is where the fire could likely to start? It is most advisable to not leave the area while you are cooking. People could get distracted and would leave the kitchen behind and forget they are frying or boiling something. When cooking equipments like pans or pots overheat, it can only take seconds for fire to build up. There are so many combustible items in the kitchen that could start fire. Also, keep the children out of the kitchen. We never know what these young one’s curious minds will lead us to.

Another leading cause of home fire is electrical equipments. Anything that has something to do with electricity must be taken into a very serious consideration. Check if the cords are not loose or frayed and do not tuck in wires under the rug, carpet or big furnitures. Also avoid overloading your power outlets at home. Before leaving or sleeping, make sure that cords have been unplugged properly.

Come winter time or just simply cold nights we all felt the need of warming up ourselves. But we have to remember that furnace, chimneys and heaters can also cause fire if not attended properly. It is recommended that they all be checked regularly for any possible defects. If found not functional or even with just a slight problem, better have it fixed or replaced. No one loves to replace a relaxing time for an emergency situation.

Candles do give out a serene and romantic vibe at home but don’t get too fooled by it because these things also topped the list. When you lit a candle, you’ll see fire. It may not be as big as it is compared to that or a campfire, but when left unattended it can create a blaze that may consume the whole house. Place the candle in a safe holder and away from materials that could burn easily like curtains, fabrics, pillows or papers. Make sure to turn candles off before going to bed.

We can’t stop people from their habit of smoking, but can surely remind them of the dangers when smoking at home. Government may have warned all of us of its dangers to our health, but also to our security. Refrain from smoking inside your house, but if you can’t help it, make sure to use deep holes ashtrays to make sure you won’t spill anything on the floor. Make sure to completely kill the light of your cigarettes before leaving it behind.

Those are by far in no particular order are the 5 most common causes at home. It is still better to prevent fires from happening. Make sure that you have items like fire extinguishers, fire alarms or fire doors installed in your house. These will help you in case of an outbreak.

If you haven’t had any fire doors installed, please call Scanline at 1300 302 994

Fire Door: Why Invest?

A fire scene is a disastrous event that stays painful at all times, especially if you haven’t done your best to prevent a huge damage. There are many ways to execute preparatory measure, and to practice it all is a great action. One example that is usually carried out by most building owners is installing fire doors inside the construction.

Yes, this means that one way to avoid immense damage is to invest in it. Surely, its essentiality is more than the financial value of what you’ll have to spend. This is investing to save the lives of many.

Why do People Invest and what is Wise Investment?

The most used definition of investment is to entrust your money, though with risk, to another individual to gain benefits or profit in return. You can spend your money for many things that for you are reasonable, such as things that give you comfort and luxury; but prioritising more valuable materials, such thing that saves lives, means you are acting wise and practical.

And, in fire doors investment you’ll surely benefit a lot from it.

Why do I have to invest for Fire Doors?

As I have mentioned earlier, great investments are those that will give you more than the value of your money. So, fire proof doors can save lives; and life is more prised than any other benefit, right?

In a fire situation, this tool prevents fire and smoke from spreading over other parts of the building. Through this, people inside the structure can be saved; and it could even hinder more damage that it may cause.

Every detail of this tool is properly planned. Every part is created to prevent the catastrophic result that may happen. Every door has a smoke seal that averts smoke from getting through. This seal has an Intumescent strip, which gets larger during the fire.

Some of them have a fire-resistive window that uses wired glass. Wired glass is known to stand against a fire for a period of time that is why it is commonly known as a fire rated glass.

On each fire door, there is a specific length of fire and smoke resistance time. Generally, some offer from 60 to 240 minutes of fire resistance, but most people use the 60 to 120 minutes protection time.

Most importantly, all components have the product certification that says they passed the requirements of the fire code.

During the installation, the product and service provider ensure that all is properly done. They correctly set up every part of the door such as the door and the door frame is perfectly attuned.

Thus, your money will not be wasted.


Hence, if you are looking for a savvy investment, install a fire door. It will surely be more worthy of investing than what you think.

Furthermore, always keep in mind that there is no more valuable than one’s life. So, invest to Scanline. We offer quality doors that protect people from fire. We ensure that the purpose of this tool will be achieved.

Excellent Fire Door Installation

Are you confident that you got quality fire doors and they are properly installed? Fire door companies are everywhere, and competition to gain financially is quite rigorous. Some would offer proper product and service, but several would do unfair trading to gain more.

Fire Rated Doors

Now, the answer to that is to learn the basics prior to asking a firm to install one for you.

What is a fire door?

As most people know about it, in times of fire event, this door will prevent the fire and smoke spread across another room or any room that has a close partition. It is invented to save people inside a burning structure.

Different materials are used to produce fire doors. These components are what makes it a fire resistant. Every part of it should be included to achieve the supposed quality of the door. These are the frame, threshold, board, aluminum sheet, door frame, insulation, another aluminum sheet, another board, decoration or surface treatment, glass, lock, frame screw, hinge, security plate and sealing strip.

What Shall I Consider During Installation?

Installing a fire door has never been easy, for every small detail should be properly set up. Not an ordinary person can make the correct installation. So, since it is scientifically created, you should ask the experts to do it.

The first consideration when setting up the door is to be certain that it is fire-rated or compatible with where it will be installed. Fire-rated means that it has been approved for having the correct specified period of time of resistance against the smoke or flame. This rate should be labeled on the product; it can provide 1 to 4 hours of protection against the fire and smoke, but some usually uses the 1 to 2 hours rated doors. So, better check the label appropriately.

Another factor is to ensure that gap between the door and the frame is 3mm. If not, the smoke can get through.

If you want to use a door closer, it should be guaranteed that it is compatible with the door so that it will be properly closed, and the smoke will not get across the other room.

What are the further steps for it to properly work?

After the installation, apt maintenance is necessary to attain the vital purpose of the door. There are services offered  to fulfill the maintenance work. They will provide the detailed information about the status of the engineered door.

Therefore, if the report states that some parts of the door need to be replaced, it should be done. With your permission, they will replace what needs to be changed.

What will happen if you do it incorrectly?

As experts would say, there is no easy way to achieve an astounding reward. Thus, if you don’t follow the correct procedure of installing a fire door; it will overthrow the purpose of it, which is to save lives during fire incidents.

This  also means that since you are investing to save lives, make it worthy; choose the best fire door company.

Safety First: Tips for Fire Precautions

You don’t want to jump from the 5th floor of a building for you to get out from that burning structure. Fire accidents could happen anytime, it is inevitable. However, to think for everyone’s protection through following the basic fire safety is a clever step that could save a lot of people.

Fire safety is very essential; in the building industry, there is a rule wherein reliable fire doors should be installed in every edifice. And, more than anything else it is very important to learn and follow the basic but necessary steps to have a safety environment.

Important Tips to Prevent fire

  • During the Structure Construction

As part of making places safe because of fire existence, the first step should be done is to prepare the building for fire precautions. These preparations include the installation of the necessary tools for fire safety.

One of which is the installation of a fire door. It is designed to protect people from smoke and fire. Hence, it is necessary for a building to have this.

Other than this, there should be a smoke detector set up in every room or part of the structure. This will help the people know about the case, and they’ll have time to think of what to do. Also, a fire extinguisher should be placed at every part of the building.

Make sure that all electric wirings are correctly installed. Undoubtedly, most of the time; the reason why fire incidents happen is because of faulty cablings.

And, as for the fire exit, which should also be stationed to its proper place; it should be easy to access. This can be assured during the designing of the place by the engineers.

Most importantly, the said items above should be maintained by asking experts to inspect them whenever needed.

  • More Safety Tips

Home is a place that is treasured, so safety measure should be done without thinking twice. One’s family is imperative than anyone else. With that, let’s talk about what should be done to prevent fire cases.

For those who smoke, never do it when you are in bed or anywhere inside the house, especially if you are sleepy. There will be a possibility that you’ll forget to put out the cigarette which may cause a fire.

Sometimes we cannot avoid storing lighters or matches in our house, appropriately, this stuff should be kept away from children’s reach. You’ll never know what will transpire.

Also, don’t leave the stove unattended when you are cooking. This could cause a huge disaster by creating a big fire.

For the offices, always conduct fire drills so that people inside will know what to do.

  • When there is Actual Fire

When there is fire, surely, you’ll feel blazing and smoky surroundings; just stay calm and think properly. If the flame is minor, get the fire extinguisher and stop it. However, if you think that it is a big fire, stay away from it and directly call the emergency hotline.

Amazingly, the flame will not kill you. It is the smoke which will slowly get into your body until it reaches your lungs. Therefore, you need to avoid the smoke through crawling on the floor since most of them will stay near the ceiling or stay at the upper part. Plus, crawl as fast as you can to go out of the burning area.

Additionally, use all the necessary fire tools inside the structure. If you cannot find the fire exit, then go find the areas where there are best fire doors. You’ll be protected there.


Always remember that safety of every individual should be prioritized at all times. So, follow the drill and keep safe!

The Purposes of a Fire door

This article enumerates the main purposes of a fire door like being an easy exit out a building, and a barrier for fire not to spread in a building.

When a fire happens in your building, there should only be one thing on your mind—escape. That’s why it’s so important that your building is equipped with the proper means for safe evacuation in the event of a fire. Fire doors are just what you need to ensure the safe evacuation of residents or occupants in a building. One of the best investments you can make in terms of safety in a fire is fire doors.

So, what exactly is the purpose of a fire door? A fire door has two uses. Initially, when a fire starts, the fire door can serve as an easy exit out of the building. However, as a fire progresses, one should go through the proper escape route out of the building, so that the fire door remains shut.

A fire door can also serve to protect important files, documents, and things in a building. The fire door rating of a fire door indicates the number of minutes it can withstand the heat before it breaks down. If you have an FD-60 fire door, for example, you have one hour to escape the building or evacuate all the important documents in a room before the fire breaks down the fire door and consumes the other room.

A fire door serves to compartmentalise rooms in a building. Some rooms are more fire prone than others, like a kitchen or a laboratory.

It is important to make adjustments of a fire door for wheelchair users. Proper width, visibility, etc., should be observed. A good company that specializes with fire doors should be well-aware of building regulations. Fire door maintenance companies also can make the proper adjustments for you in the case that your fire door doesn’t comply with Australian building standards.

One other important purpose of a fire door is to prevent the spread of smoke in a building for a certain number of minutes. Usually, smoke is even a bigger threat to life than fire. The carbon monoxide from the smoke is extremely toxic. Even a low amount of smoke inhalation is fatal. This places great importance to intumescent seals that close gaps from door leafs to door frames in a fire door. This is to prevent smoke from leaking through the spaces around the installed fire door.